How I Started Making Soap

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I am not a writer. These are just the mindless ramblings of a single-mother, blerd, and business owner.
My journey to soap making started long before I knew how to make soap. After graduating high school, 20 years ago, I enrolled into culinary school. While there I fell in love with baking, specifically cake decorating. I also got married and had a baby. Now only one of those remains to be true, I'm still somebodies mama.
After leaving college I created KiKi's Cakes. It was my first business and I loved it. Making cakes for family, friends, and the occasional wedding cake was a dream come true but, I was a young mother and didn't understand how to scale my business or divide my time.
I got a job at a local grocery store, as a cake decorator, that gave me steady income and a way to keep doing what I loved. While there I went back to school, because who doesn't love student loans, for medial administration. I wanted a desk. I wanted to get off my feet and to not work weekends. The idea of having a cubicle filled my daydreams with the oohs and aahs reminiscent to that of a rom-com.
I graduated in 2009 at the top of my class and had a job before I graduated. I was hot stuff. I finally had my desk. I could retire my slip resistant shoes and put those uniform shirts out to pasture. I am a creator by nature and nurture. My parents always invested in any interest I had. I loved my job but, my desire to create was starting to bubble.
In 2016 I started looking up soap making videos on YouTube. I found a few makers that I really liked and watched all they had to offer. As I watched them weigh, measure, and combine ingredients to make soap I had an epiphany. THIS IS LIKE BAKING!!
I can do this.
After much prayer, self-doubt, and conversations with my mom, I decided to try making soap.
My mother was excited but, hesitant. She wanted me to start the business, to make my own way but, couldn't understand how me selling soap could be profitable when you can get soap from Dollar Tree. The next question she asked me changed my life in so many ways; what about your soap would make me choose it over another? How can you make yours so special that I would be willing to pay you and not someone else? These questions sent me back to the drawing board and the result was loofah soap.
Now, I know this is not a revolutionary thing, as many soap makers use this design but, we had never seen it in North Carolina and to my target demographic it was something completely new. So production started and I was on my way.
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